Team Members

Ranuka Hettiarachchi – Manager (Business Operations)

Founded events world with Sajana Weerasekera in 2017. under his brilliant and versatile leadership, his best achievement is the efficient workforce. his career as a certified systems engineer resulted on building the company’s foundation and his established name in the industry is a trademark of trusted service. Back in 2011 he began his sound engineering career in Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and made his way through to the top in a short time period. From low budget events to filling up arenas, Ranuka has experience and the capacity to accommodate our client’s requirements.

As a true leader Ranuka always takes the responsibilities to his shoulder and make sure he goes into mere details himself. The pleasant way of talking and joyful character of his is the tool for keeping a close relationship with the workers. And his hard working will power helps on building the motivation of the workers. Ranuka’s ultimate goal will be to make Events World the best in the island, he says the only thing that will get short is the time to get there.

Sajana Weerasekera – Manager (Business Development)

Head Photographer Co-founder of the company and the head of photography & creative media division with his own cherry-picked team. He began his career as a Fine Art photographer back in 2012 and his creative ideas gave the company its uniqueness in both graphics and services. at the same time, his talent and passion for singing and entertaining made him one of the best performing young front-men in the country.

Sajana is a very energetic character who never lose confidence over a challenge. according to his thinking, covering a wedding is the most enjoyable challenge in his book. he had the privilege to work with the top companies on the island and now he is slowly making his name in the Film industry too.

Dunila Ranatunge – Chief Engineer


Sachith Jayakody – Manager (Business Development)

Chief Technology Officer